Brantford Eager to Get Back to Negotiating Table 

For Immediate Release
Contact: Maria Visocchi, Corporate Communications Manager 
Phone: 519-751-9945 

Given that recent meetings to renew the boundary negotiation process have set the tone for a more cooperative approach, Brantford is disappointed by the County’s statement today that their positon on boundary adjustment has not changed since April 2014 and that they do not wish to negotiate further at this time.

“The wording in the resolution voted on by the County of Brant Council this morning appears to be a final position without the opportunity for further discussion.” said Mayor Chris Friel. “It’s impossible for us to accept that this is final. This is too important to our community. The longer we wait to get back to the table to negotiate, the more it is costing both municipalities. Without this agreement we stand to lose 18,000 new jobs and millions of dollars in investment. We need to get back to the negotiating table as neighbours and work towards our shared vision of a partnership for prosperity” added Friel.

Brantford acknowledges Brant County’s position though respectfully disagrees with their interpretation of development requirements. Brantford’s team of urban planning experts and several third party peer groups have completed extensive analysis to demonstrate the explicit need for the entirety of lands requested. It is also vital that the total land required be committed to at once in order for economic efficiencies to be realized and proper planning processes to take place. The land offered in piece-meal fashion is not adequate to meet urban planning requirements or the mandate specified in the “Places to Grow Act.” It is Brantford’s sincere hope and expectation to meet with Brant County further to explain the rationale and evidence for these requirements in more detail.

As per the intent expressed in the County’s resolution Brantford looks forward to sitting at the table and discussing the method for an additional release of land based on demonstrated need as part of a broader negotiating process.

As per the Province’s direction and in good faith Brantford has proposed the services of a local facilitator who understands the needs and concerns of each community. Disappointingly, Brant County has not responded to this offer.

Stated repeatedly, Brantford is committed to orderly and environmentally sustainable development to minimize impact on agricultural land and remains open to restructuring the compensation package in a way that is meaningful to their partners.

Contact: Maria Visocchi
Corporate Communications Manager
City of Brantford
Phone: 519-751-9945 ext. 214