Brantford Optimistic About Prosperous Partnership 

For Immediate Release
Contact: Maria Visocchi, Corporate Communications Manager 
Phone: 519-751-9945 

Voting on a resolution to begin boundary negotiations with Brant County, Brantford City Council is enthusiastic and optimistic about resuming discussions with their municipal neighbours. Recent meetings to renew the process have set the tone for a reinvigorated, more cooperative approach where all parties realize clear benefits as a result of partnering. “Viewed in the context of a partnership for prosperity, in addition to improving shared social services such as healthcare and education, development will lead to the opportunity for as many as 18,000 new jobs in the broader Brantford-Brant area” said Mayor Friel. “We all recognize that this is not a Brantford strategy; it is a community-based strategy. We all have a shared interest in seeing our broader community thrive and providing all citizens with opportunities to improve their quality of life.”

The goal of the partnership is to better position both communities to prosper by growing together as independent municipalities while strategically planning to accommodate the future growth projected for the Brantford-Brant area. Added Friel, “Each discussion brings us closer to that vision and demonstrates our mutual commitment to seeing our community realize its true potential. We are in prime position to make this area prosperous and economically viable for decades to come and we have to seize this opportunity now.” Sensitive to Brant County’s concerns, Brantford is committed to orderly and environmentally sustainable development to minimize impact on agricultural land and remains open to restructuring the compensation package in a way that is meaningful to their partners. Seeking to resolve boundary negotiations is a priority with all parties working towards June 30th to reach an agreement.

Contact: Maria Visocchi
Corporate Communications Manager
City of Brantford
Tel: 519-751-9945 ext. 214