City of Brantford a Willing Partner in Solidifying Brantford as a Host Community for Ongoing OLG Gaming 

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Contact: Mayor Chris Friel 
Phone: 519-759-4150 

Today the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) released the remaining Requests For Pre-Qualification (RFPQ’s) as part of its modernization plan for the province’s lottery and gaming industry.  Mayor Chris Friel affirmed: “The City of Brantford is prepared to work hard to support the OLG in their future vision and welcome the opportunity to work with private sector going forward.  Throughout the process of modernizing the gaming industry, OLG has been open and responsive to concerns of the City, involving us as partners in the process. Brantford is well positioned for private sector partners to leverage the success of the existing site in Brantford.  OLG Casino Brantford has experienced employees and an established customer base - two key components to drive success.”

Brantford has been host to OLG Casino Brantford since November 1999 and continues to enjoy a very positive relationship with the OLG.  “Since the opening of the casino, OLG has far exceeded our expectations both as a corporate citizen in our community as well as their ongoing financial contribution to our local community,” stated Mayor Friel. To date, the economic impact on Brantford is significant.  Since 1999, the City’s share of slot revenues is in excess of $50 million, with over 900 jobs being created, re-directing almost half a billion dollars back into the local economy.  Local purchases of products and services by OLG amount to well over to $17 million. 

All monies received as a host community have gone back to the community.  One clear example of the impact on our community is investment by the City of $14.2 million of the funds received to date into the revitalization of downtown, which in turn has generated an economic impact of $216-$292 million. “Without the funds from the Casino, Brantford would not be home today to five post-secondary institutions attracting over 3,000 students.  Revitalizing the downtown was key to attracting and retaining economic development for the City of Brantford,” said Friel.

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