City seeks public input on regulating legalization of recreational cannabis use 

For Immediate Release
Contact: Maria Visocchi, Director, Communications & Community Engagement 
Phone: 519-759-4150 

Brantford, ON – Earlier this year, the federal government announced plans to legalize the recreational use of cannabis under the Cannabis Act, expected to go into effect nationally in late summer, 2018.

In Ontario, the minimum legal age to buy, use, possess or grow recreational cannabis will be 19. The allowed amount to possess in public at any given time will be 30 grams (about one ounce) of dried cannabis. When legalized, recreational use will not be allowed in any public place, workplace or motorized vehicle in Ontario.

The City of Brantford recognizes that legalization will have several impacts on our municipality related to both health risks and enforcement. To help guide the City’s readiness plan, in early April, the City’s Strategic Planning and Community Partnerships department engaged several community partners to develop a framework of issues that directly impact the City of Brantford. The predominant themes and priorities of the stakeholder engagement sessions included:

  • Public safety and enforcement in public spaces
  • Health promotion and substance use prevention/education
  • Community response to emerging needs and opportunities

Guided by the issues raised during the community stakeholder engagement that brought together voices from healthcare, postsecondary institutions, law enforcement and the private sector, as well as direction provided by the Cannabis Task Force, the City’s Communications and Community Engagement department has developed the a public survey to gauge public opinion related to cannabis legalization. The objective of the survey is to help inform decisions of Council related to regulating cannabis in the City of Brantford.

The digital version of the survey is now available online. Please take a few moments to complete now. (click to open survey online)

Paper versions of the survey will also be available to complete beginning Monday May 14th at Brantford City Hall (100 Wellington St.) and at the Brant County Health Unit 194 Terrace Hill St.

The survey will be open until May 31st with the goal to provide a summary of the findings in a Report to Council in June 2018.

Any questions regarding the survey should be directed to the City’s Communications and Community Engagement department at 519-759-4150.

Media Contact
Maria Visocchi Director, Communications and Community Engagement
City of Brantford, Office: 519.759.4150 Ext. 5754,