Clay Hauling to Create Increased Truck Traffic 

For Immediate Release
Contact: Eric Jennings, Superintendent, Solid Waste Operations 
Phone: 519-732-8158 


Re: Hauling of Clay Material for the Construction of a Low Permeability Cap at the Mohawk Street Landfill Site


The City of Brantford, through its contractor, will be hauling clay material from the Heath Street and Conklin Road areas for the construction of low permeability cap at the Mohawk Street Landfill Site. The project is scheduled to start on Monday, May 7, 2012 and, weather permitting, should be completed by end of September.


As shown on the map below, the City's contractor will be excavating and transporting clay material from stockpiles located at Heath Street and Conklin Road to the Mohawk Street Landfill Site.

In order to carry out this work in a cost effective manner, the City's contractor will be utilizing numerous trucks from early May until the end of September, depending on weather conditions. Trucking activities will be ongoing throughout this period and, at times, on a daily basis.

All residents, schools, businesses and others who may be impacted are being notified of the extra vehicle traffic that will be present until the project is complete.


While hauling operations are underway, the contractor will be conducting following activities to reduce the impacts to residents, schools and businesses:

  1. Sweeping of roadways around stockpile locations to minimize dust from vehicles and tracking of stockpile materials
  2. Extra cautious hauling operations during school drop off and pick up times
  3. Installation and maintenance of siltation fencing at stockpile locations
  4. Monitoring of individual truck movements to ensure proper vehicular operation and respectful driving habits

It should also be noted that the contractor will only be transporting materials using approved truck routes within the city.


As part of the Ministry of the Environment approvals for the operation of the Mohawk Street Landfill Site, the City is required to construct a low permeability cap over the closed portions of the fill area.  

During 2011, a large portion of the fill area at the Mohawk Street Landfill Site was completed, as per the operational plan.  With the closure of this area to future disposal operations, the City is now proceeding with the construction of the approved low permeability cap. The cap will be constructed out of clay which will be transported to the site from two local sources in the Heath Street and Conklin Road areas. Given the size of the area required to be capped, a significant quantity of clay will have to be transported to the landfill site.  As a result, clay hauling operations are the major portion of the work to be completed on this project.


Should you have any concerns or questions regarding the hauling operations, please contact:

Eric Jennings, Superintendent, Solid Waste Operations, 519-732-8158 or
Derek Walker, Landfill Supervisor, 519-732-8157

Please note that the City Operational Services Department staff may be contacted outside normal working hours by calling the City Yards at 519-752-4832.