Flood Awareness Roadside Signs 

For Immediate Release
Be Flood Aware Sign

Roadside signs have been placed in Eagle Place to raise public awareness over the potential for flooding this spring.

The signs read BE FLOOD AWARE and direct people to the City of Brantford website where there is information on river status and flood preparation. “The City has never used mobile signs for this purpose before.” said Inspector Scott Easto “This will help direct those people who do not access traditional media sources to the City’s website or to 211 to get information. Our purpose is not to alarm anyone, simply to raise awareness and if conditions warrant, provide people with the information they need to prepare.  We know that there is more snow in the watershed this year. Although the dykes protect the city, we do not want to be complacent.”

Individuals observing Be Flood Aware Sign

The Grand River Conservation Authority and city officials are monitoring the situation and will notify the media should it be necessary.

For more information please visit the City of Brantford Grand River Flood Awareness webpage

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