Flood Message 3: Flood Warning for New Hamburg, Ayr 

For Immediate Release
Contact: Dave Schultz, GRCA Manager of Communications 
Phone: 519-621-2763 

Milder temperatures and 15 mm of rain moving in from the midwest United States today have the potential to cause flooding in some parts of the Grand River watershed.

As a result, the GRCA is issuing a Flood Warning for New Hamburg and Ayr on the Nith River. The GRCA is also updating its Flood Watch message issued April 2.

Much of the snow cover has melted in the southern half of the watershed. However, there is still a significant amount of snow and ice in the upper watershed that will melt as the spring thaw moves further north.

Reservoirs are starting to rise as part of the spring filling cycle and some reservoir discharges are being increased to control the rate of rise.

The long range forecasts from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Canada call for warmer temperatures and additional rain in the coming week which will run off quickly from the saturated landscape.

GRCA staff will continue to closely monitor weather forecasts to manage the reservoir filling cycle as we balance the transition from the spring flood season to the summer flow augmentation season.

This message is in effect until noon on April 7, 2014 at which time it will either be updated or cancelled.

Flood Warning (Action) Message

Nith River in New Hamburg and Ayr

Based on the forecast for a possible 15 mm of rain this afternoon, Nith River flows could peak close to Level 1 in New Hamburg late Saturday morning and Ayr late Saturday night.

In New Hamburg a Level 1 Flood Warning applies to residents in the Milton Street and Jacob Street areas. In Ayr, the Level 1 Flood Warning applies to residents along Tannery and Piper streets.

Action: As a precaution, the GRCA is requesting the Waterloo Regional Police and municipal staff to warn residents in the Level 1 flood areas of these communities. Municipal staff are asked to close Tannery Street in Ayr and residents are advised not to park vehicles in low- lying areas on Saturday.

Download Flood Preparation Guides (opens new window) for New Hamburg and Ayr.

Flood Watch Messages: Conestogo and Grand Rivers

The flood watch message issued on April 2 has been extended based on the latest rainfall forecast to identify the following areas that require surveillance over the weekend.

The potential for ice jam flooding still exists above the reservoirs in Drayton, Upper Belwood (at the 10th Line), Grand Valley and on the Nith River above New Hamburg. Flooding will persist in low-lying areas along the Grand, Nith, Conestogo and Speed rivers as the spring melt continues.

Conestogo River in St. Jacobs

Flows in the Conestogo River have forced the closure of the low level bridge upstream of St. Jacobs on Three Bridges Road. The flood coordinator of Woolwich Township is asked to maintain closure of this bridge until further notice.

Grand River in Haldimand County

Campgrounds along the river and on Grand River Sports Road downstream of the Village of York can expect to be flooded through the coming week.

Water Safety Message

Banks adjacent to rivers and creeks are slippery and when combined with cold, fast-moving water pose a serious hazard. Parents are encouraged to keep their children and pets away from water courses and off any remaining frozen water bodies.

Further information: Dave Schultz, GRCA Manager of Communications
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