Have Your Say about City Services 

For Immediate Release
Contact: Trudy Belanco, Manager, Corporate Policy & Management Practices 
Phone: 519-759-4150 

To find out what’s important to citizens and taxpayers, the City of Brantford is asking for input about City services and the proposed Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights through a comprehensive survey that is available beginning August 1.

The City of Brantford currently provides over 190 services with an annual net operating budget of $119.2 million (2012). By reviewing City services and encouraging more input from citizens and taxpayers in the budget process, Council will be sure that money is spent on the services the community values.

About the Survey

The survey allows participants to rate 20 service areas provided by the City on level of importance, use of service and satisfaction with service. Other categories include importance of quality versus cost, how the City should pay for the service, and who should provide the service. Survey participants are also asked to provide feedback on the proposed Taxpayers' Bill of Rights, a tool that will identify:

  • when the City must consult the public on budget matters 
  • which budget and cost information is provided to the public 
  • how the budget and cost information is provided to the public 

For those who would prefer to have a copy of the survey and the supporting background information mailed to them, or have questions or require clarification, they simply need to contact City Hall at 519-759-4150 during regular business hours (8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.), or by email at myservices@brantford.ca.

The survey can be completed online at or on paper. Paper copies of the survey can be picked up and dropped off at the following City facilities:

  • City Hall 
  • Tax Office 
  • Ontario Works Reception 
  • Northridge Golf Course 
  • Arrowdale Golf Course 
  • Brantford Farmers' Market 
  • Beckett Adult Leisure Centre 
  • Woodman Community Centre 
  • Earl Haig Family Fun Park
  • Brantford Public Library
  • St. Paul Branch Library
  • Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre
  • Doug Snooks Community Centre
  • T.B. Costain/SC Johnson Community Centre

The survey will close on September 30, 2012.

Background Information

Residents and taxpayers wishing to read more on this subject before completing a survey are encouraged to review the following information

  • how the City’s four strategic goals, identified in Shaping Our Future: Brantford’s Community Strategic Plan, will be realized through planning and budgeting
  • implementing the strategic actions for each of the strategic goals 
  • services offered by the City 
  • how revenues are obtained and allocated 
  • Council’s decision making process

Information sessions will also be hosted in August. Further details will be provided. 

The City is committed to being open, transparent, accountable and responsive. By focusing the City's resources and working together with the community, the City of Brantford will achieve, maintain and sustain a vibrant, 21st century city that everyone can be proud of.    


Darryl Lee, General Manager, Corporate Services 
519-759-4222, ext. 2223    

Trudy Belanco, Manager, Corporate Policy and Management Practices 
519-759-4222, ext. 2340