What is Brantford’s Identity? 

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The Brantford Identity Group, made up of volunteer representatives from all sectors of the community, was tasked with identifying the unique attributes of Brantford. The group worked together during 2012 asking the public, those who live, work, visit, study or spend leisure time in Brantford to provide their input in response to one simple question: Brantford, who are you?

An online survey was conducted resulting in 670 responses, enhanced by a series of focus group sessions with over 300 participants. With close to 1000 responses, many thoughts and ideas were shared. Based on the number of responses from youth in relation to the actual youth population in the City of Brantford, additional feedback is required to accurately reflect the make-up of the community. As part of the branding identity process, it will be important to solicit their feedback and include their ideas.

Moving forward, the City of Brantford retained the services of JAN Kelley Marketing, a leading marketing and advertising agency to assist in the development of a brand for the City of Brantford. The consultants have analyzed the input received and will consider the data when developing the brand for the City of Brantford. It is expected that this step will be concluded in December 2013 for consideration by City Council.

“The survey input resulted in a fairly even distribution of negative and positive feedback about the City, its services, its viability, and its challenges. Most telling were the responses to the question “Brantford is…?” which were vague, demonstrating that the City does not have a clear identity in the hearts and minds of community residents. This is a place of risk for the City, as a strong and identifiable link to the community is critical to foster sustainable growth and economic development. The survey confirmed that the City lacks a commonly embraced identity, further supporting the need for the City to engage in branding Brantford,” says Jim Letwin, CEO of JAN Kelley Marketing and longtime Brantford resident.

Overall the key survey findings included:

  • Affordability and family are primary attractions to both new and potential residents
  • Most respondents are staying in Brantford for things such as healthcare, professional services, dining, entertainment, and leisure activities
  • People are aware of the fact that Brantford has potential – but could benefit from changing its current state
  • Participants have commonly held ideas of Brantford’s unique attractions
  • Growing population of new residents to City, however foundation of Brantford is still with citizens who have lived here for more than 20 years

“Every city has its own personality. The City of Brantford must develop an effective brand to effectively serve our residents and attract positive investment. We need to define ourselves, and create a clear, consistent image that authentically represents our community. Attracting residents and businesses leads to growth of the municipality, which in turn increases the tax assessment base and supports long term sustainability”, says Charlene Nicholson, Chair of the Brantford Identity Group.

The community is encouraged to stay involved in the branding process. Sign up today to continue to receive project updates or by contacting the City directly at 519-759-4150.

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Trudy Belanco
Manager, Corporate Policy & Business Management Practices City of Brantford
519-759-4150 ext. 2340

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