GRCA Flood Watch Message #2 - Snowmelt continues; forecast rainfall may increase flood risk 

For Immediate Release
Contact: GRCA Spokesperson 
Phone: 519-621-2763 

The warm weather experienced on Monday and Tuesday has steadily increased snowmelt and runoff throughout the watershed, moving most of the ice out of the lower half of the river system below Kitchener and New Hamburg.

The potential for ice jams continues throughout the river system as daytime temperatures are forecast to remain above freezing for the remainder of the week. The river ice, which is still covering most of the water courses in the upper watershed, remains relatively intact but is starting to weaken and move. Common ice jam locations to watch include New Hamburg, West Montrose, Upper Belwood at 10th Line, Grand Valley, and the associated river systems.

Sun and temperatures above freezing on Wednesday and Thursday will continue the snowmelt and runoff into the river, but flooding, aside from possible local ice jams, is not expected.

The forecast for Friday is calling for a slight warming trend along with 15-20mm of rain which could push river levels to flood thresholds. GRCA staff will be monitoring this system and will update this watch as needed.

The GRCA requests flood coordinators to review emergency plans in anticipation of high river levels and flows. Banks adjacent to rivers and creeks are slippery and when combined with cold, fast-moving water pose a serious hazard. Parents are encouraged to keep their children and pets away from water courses and off any remaining frozen water bodies.

This watch is in effect until noon on April 4, 2014 at which time it will either be updated or cancelled.

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