Paving and Brantford Streets & Roads: May to Sept. 2012 

For Immediate Release
Contact: Vic Bohdanow 
Phone: 519-759-1350 

At a recent Brantford City Council Meeting, Vic Bohdanow, a Design Engineer in the City’s Public Works Commission, provided a presentation about how and when to best use tax payers’ dollars to maintain city streets and roads. Council requested that this informative presentation be made available to citizens.

Bohdanow said, “One of our primary goals is to manage the maintenance of City roads, balancing cost effective solutions, with the public’s expectations about rideability.”

The presentation covers the following topics:

  • methods of maintaining streets and roads 
  • identifying streets and roads for repair
  • options for resurfacing streets and roads and how decisions are made about which method to use
  • how the City can save money in the long term by investing in preventative maintenance
  • coordination with utility companies when planning street and road projects
  • how residents will be informed of upcoming street and road construction activities

The presentation document requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click to download the Acrobat Reader plugin to your browser.

Click to view the complete, PDF, presentation to find out more about pavement management practices in Brantford (opens in a new browser window).  

Click to view the most recent street and road construction update.

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