Ward 2 Councillors suggest eliminating option to relocate Brantford Dufferin Club from consideration 

For Immediate Release
Contact: Maria Visocchi, Director, Communications & Community Engagement 
Phone: 519-759-4150 

BRANTFORD – During the initial 2018 Budget Estimates Committee meeting held in Council Chambers on Monday, November 27th, the Committee heard a public delegation from operators and members of the Brantford Dufferin Club with respect to options that will be considered by the Estimates Committee on December 6, 2017 regarding the future of the Dufferin Club.

Ward 2 Councillor John Sless suggested eliminating an option from discussion at the December 6 meeting that would see redevelopment of the current space and the relocation of the Brantford Dufferin Club so that Councillors can focus on a way forward at the Club’s current location.

While the City owns the property, a third party currently executes operations of the facility. In response to the Club’s request for assistance from the City for much needed capital improvements, City staff provided two options for consideration of the Estimates Committee during the 2018 Budget development process.

The first option recommends that Council consider an unmet need identified in the 2018 draft budget to continue operations of the Dufferin Club under the direct control of the City and continue to offer bowling, tennis and pickle ball at the current location.

The total cost for operations is estimated at $82,000 annually offset by $13,500 in (current revenue) with a total impact of $68,600.

The second option, that would see selling a portion of Dufferin Park for future development and utilizing the revenue to build a new tennis/lawn bowling facility would be taken out of consideration if the Estimates Committee approval a resolution that will come forward when the Committee considers this item on December 6th. The Committee’s approval of this direction would be consistent with the initial staff recommendation to support Option 1 to maintain the Dufferin Club in its current location with the City operating the facility and raising funds for future capital improvements.

Furthermore, City staff continues to support the redevelopment of the Dufferin Club facility and suggests that the facility continue to be utilized and repaired within approved operational budgets until Council has considered redevelopment strategies. City staff suggests that further options for the redevelopment of these activities be reviewed in greater detail and summarized including community consultation and provided for Councils consideration by the end of 2018.