City of Brantford Snow Route Emergency Clearing Plan 

Winter Storm Event March 13 & 14, 2017

In preparation for the hazardous winter conditions expected in our area today and tomorrow that may result in total snowfall amounts of 15 to 25 cm by Tuesday evening, the City’s Winter Operations division is in the process of proactively performing anti-icing activities on all of the City’s Red Routes. This application prevents the initial precipitation from bonding to the roadway.

Once the storm begins, pre-wetted salt is applied following the guidelines stipulated in the City’s Salt Management Plan.

Upon completion of the priority Red salt routes, the Blue salt routes are initiated and only if the storm continues to accumulate, (up to or exceeding 5 cm), the routes are then plowed in priority sequence.

The winter control response is based on the following route structure and priority:

  • 7 Red Salt Routes
  • 7 Blue Salt Routes
  • 10 Red Plow Routes
  • 10 Blue Plow Routes
  • 26 Green Salt/Plow Routes

The City’s Route Clearing Map can be accessed online at: Click to open City of Brantford Snow Route Emergency Clearing Plan (PDF)

Generally, Priority 1 roads include arterial roads, major collector roads and transit routes. These roads are primarily intended to carry a heavy volume of traffic and serve essential services such as Fire, Hospitals Government buildings and most schools.

At this time, the City urges residents to park off of roadways in order that Operations staff can more effectively plow and apply materials, especially in residential areas.

We thank you for your cooperation.

For more information regarding the City’s winter maintenance program, please visit: