New Municipal Ward Boundaries 


City Council passed a by-law in the fall of 2013 to re-divide Brantford’s existing 5 wards, implementing new boundary lines. Public consultation played an important role during the review process. This means for the purpose of the 2014 Municipal Election, you will vote according to the new ward structure. Please note that this also means you may be voting in a different ward from past elections. A map depicting these changes can be found in the Ward & Poll Maps section of our website. The following criteria were used in assessing the various options considered during the review process:

  • Effective and equitable system of representation
  • Wards should preserve communities of interest
  • Wards should recognize natural physical features (rivers, lakes, swamps) or natural barriers/dividers (highways, railways)
  • Wards should recognize areas of growth/decline, population trends, density
  • Wards should recognize accessibility/communication issues

For more information on these changes, please contact the Clerks Department at City Hall: 519-759-4150

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