Public Notices 

Winter Break Camps & Activities 2016
List of winter camps being offered by the City of Brantford Parks and Recreation Department.
The Importance of Remembrance Day 2016
We wear a poppy as a way to acknowledge that we care. We wear this red flower to show that we remember. Its our way of saying, “We remember that people died for our country”.
Temporary Road Closures for November 2016
Temporary Road Closures for November 2016
Temporary Street Closures - Remembrance Day
Temporary Street Closures - Remembrance Day
Important Public Notice Regarding Algae in Mohawk Lake
The public is urged to exercise extreme caution near Mohawk Lake in Brantford due to the increased presence of blue-green algae in the water.
Temporary Road Closures - October 2016
Temporary road closures during the month of October
Garden Avenue - Temporary Road Closure
Garden Avenue - Temporary Road Closure
Sale of Municipal Land - Kraemer's Way
Kraemer's Way
Temporary Road Closures for September 2016
Temporary road closures for September 2016
Ward 2 Community Forum – September 14, 2016
Waterworks Bike Park Skills Area - Community Forum at T.B. Costain Community Centre on Wednesday September 14th at 6:30 pm.
Temporary Road Closures for August 2016
Streets that will be temporarily closed for social / community events in August 2016
Potential Canada Post Disruption
Canada Post is currently in negotiations with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers. In the event of a strike, the following contingency plans will take effect.
Temporary Road Closures for July 2016
Temporary road closures associated with community events in July 2016
Road Construction/Traffic Interference - Public Works Commission
An updated list for proposed road construction through the Public Works Commission
Sale of Municipal Land
Kippax Court
Temporary Road Closures for June 2016
Streets that will be temporarily closed for community events in June 2016
2016 Summer Dog Licensing Program
During the summer months students will be going to residences informing dog owners about the City of Brantford dog licensing requirements.
Sale - 305 Sheridan Street
The City of Brantford will consider a By-law to approve the sale of land located at 305 Sheridan Street,
Public Works Commission - Road Construction (May 2016)
Road construction being undertaken by Public Works Commission
Notice of tree removal
To the residents of Shellard Neighbourhood
Temporary Road Closures for May 2016
List of events which require temporary road closures
Public Works Commission - Road Construction/Traffic Interference
Road Construction/Traffic Interference List of Streets
Sale of Municipal Lands - Mount Pleasant and Hogarth
Mount Pleasant and Hogarth
Sale of Municipal Lands
43 Erie Avenue
Public Works Commission - 2016 Construction Program
2016 Construction Program for Public Works Commission
Colborne Street West Crossing of Grand River (Lorne Bridge) Seasonal Load Posting
Lorne Bridge Seasonal Load Posting