Asbestos Management Program  

The City of Brantford is committed to ensuring a safe environment for its tenants, workers, contractors and the general public.

As part of its Asbestos Management Program, the City will be re-inspecting/inspecting all City owned or operated buildings. An approved contractor and/or trained staff will complete the re-inspections/inspections on behalf of the City. This typically involves a visual inspection and laboratory examination of building materials to determine asbestos content and update site records.

Asbestos containing materials (ACMs) are very common in buildings constructed prior to the mid-1980s. While intact, ACMs pose negligible health risk and only become hazardous when they are damaged or disturbed by water, maintenance activities, building reconstruction projects, or vandalism.

Please do not disturb any building materials. For any repairs or regular maintenance, please follow regular reporting procedures and staff will arrange for the necessary work to be completed.

More information is available in the following ways: