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Looking Forward - Why Does Brantford Need a Volunteer Centre?

It is widely known that well equipped, well-trained and well-supported volunteers make strong, vibrant communities. In hospitals and schools, in nursing homes and homeless shelters, in political campaigns and environment crusades, volunteers contribute to the vitality of a healthy city. Increasingly, these volunteers make the difference for many in our community between just getting by and fully enjoying life. The key to building an effective Volunteer Network is through the creation of a Volunteer Centre

In 2011, a Volunteer Network Committee was established to review the need for a Volunteer Centre in Brantford.  Research conducted showed that while volunteerism is occurring in Brantford, there is no central organizing entity to coordinate, support, educate, promote advocate for, recognize or protect its participants or organizers, however many organizations interviewed indicated a strong need for one and would support the establishment of a volunteer centre

A Volunteer Centre would serve three distinct client groups through the volunteer services program; potential/current volunteers, not-for-profit member organizations needing volunteers and the business community looking to contribute to their community by:

  • Assisting with volunteer coordination, promotion and recognition
  • Providing customized training and consultation services to support the not-for-profit organizations
  • Support through promotion and advocacy of volunteerism
  • Access to community meeting space
  • Access to database of potential volunteers
  • Supporting citizens to become productive and engaged members of the community
  • Assist citizens to gain experience through volunteering, thereby increasing their chances of employment and increasing their health and well-being
  • Impacting the community-at-large through a more effective and inclusive engagement of all its citizens
  • Centralized coordinated efforts will allow for the business community to give back to their community
  • Volunteer matching process

How Can You Help?

Volunteer Brantford is seeking assistance from individual community leaders in securing corporate sponsorship and the development of proposal submissions for government support.  Become a leader or a corporate donor today and help in making a difference to those in need in our community between just getting by and fully enjoying life! 

For more information or to donate, please contact us at 519-759-4150 Ext. 5729 or by email  Start today by making a difference in your community.