Employee Volunteering 

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Employee Volunteering is on the rise. It is an excellent way for business to combine strategic goals with employee development, retention and satisfaction. By encouraging employee volunteering, you help to strengthen your local community and demonstrate your leadership as a caring company.

How does this work?

Employee volunteering can take many forms – from providing staff with flex time for their volunteer activities to an annual team activity in which all staff participate, recognizing employee contributions, adopting-an-agency or something as simple as posting community volunteer opportunities on your staff notice board. In short, it can be a one-time event or an ongoing commitment. Supporting your employees volunteer activities makes a powerful business statement – it says that you want to make a difference.

Benefits of Employee Volunteer Programs

To the Company…

  • Generates community exposure as a socially responsible corporation
  • Increases business profile and public image in the media/community
  • Increases the skill base for employees who volunteer
  • Increases community and social awareness/commitment of employees
  • Increases employee morale and loyalty
  • Increases customer base and ‘sales’
  • Strengthens relationships and builds partnerships with other stakeholders
  • Provides networking opportunities with community/customers
  • Provides team building across business lines
  • Helps with recruiting and retaining quality employees

To the Employee…

  • Creates opportunity for engagement in community where they live
  • Offers alternative opportunities to demonstrate their leadership capabilities
  • Provides an opportunity for recognition outside the work function
  • Builds skills and enhances leadership and personal development
  • Feels rewarding and gratifying
  • Makes employees feel better about where they work
  • Provides networking and team building opportunities
  • Provides opportunities for employee families to ‘work’ together
  • Educates employees on business functions and community/social needs

To the Community…

  • Provides a bank of volunteers to serve the community
  • Encourages general improvement in the health of the community
  • Provides a better place to work and live – can improve quality of life
  • Helps provide for the future – job development for the community
  • Creates partnerships – including business and education
  • Provides non-profit organizations with professional leadership (Boards, committees etc.)
  • Crosses social and economic lines
  • Provides resources, time and talent
  • Raises awareness of a specific problem/social issue
  • Helps sustain good community programs

Interested?  Please contact our office at 519-759-4150 Ext. 5729 or by email at volunteerbrantford@brantford.ca