Getting Started 

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1. Consider What will Work for you

There are many volunteer positions that may fit your interests, needs and schedule.

To find a volunteer position that is right for you, you may want to consider:

  • How much time am I able to commit?
  • Would I like a long-term position or a short-term position?
  • What are the skills, interests and experience that I would like to share?
  • What experience am I looking to gain?
  • What issues in the community do I think are important (e.g. environment, arts, health, etc) and how would I like to help?
  • What location do I prefer - do I want to volunteer in my community, close to my workplace or near to my school?

Knowing the answers to these questions will allow you to refine your search for a position.

2. Search the Volunteer Opportunities Available

Volunteer Opportunities currently available are listed with details on each position. Just click on the position title and read the details. If you see a position that is of interest to you, contact the Organization directly using the information provided. Many times organizations are flexible and work with the volunteers to reach a successful match. You should expect a response with more information/details about the organization, the opportunity and the next steps you will have to take.  Look at the opportunities currently available.

3. Making the Connection - What to Expect

Organizations will typically arrange an information session at a designed time for both you and the organization to learn more about you, your skills and interests and the volunteer position(s) available. You may be asked to complete an application form, provide references or meet other requirements such as a Police Check (these are usually listed on the detail sheet for each volunteer position) as part of the screening process to ensure you are a good fit with the organization and the clients it serves. After the information session, you should get a response back about next steps, start date, training date and other relevant information.

4. What is Expected of You

Once you’ve joined as a volunteer, the agency expects you to be:

  • Punctual and Reliable - contact your supervisor in advance to notify them of your absence/lateness
  • Committed - you will stay for the duration of the project/task you are involved with
  • Professional - you will keep all information about clients at the organization confidential, follow the rules of the organization and represent it appropriately.
  • Enthusiastic - you are interested in the cause and that you share your skills and experience with the organization
  • Willing to learn - you will attend all training, ask for help, help others, discuss any problems you have with the person you report to and continue to learn about the organization
  • Respectful - you will respect differences in volunteers, staff and clients, and work as a team player