Who Benefits? 

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Volunteerism benefits many - the community, the volunteer and the organizations served.

Communities benefit from volunteers’ contributions - the services they provide help individuals, families and address local needs.

Non-profit and/or charitable organizations benefit from the priceless hours and contributions of volunteers in serving the target groups they service. Without volunteers, many organizations eill no longer be able to offer the services currently provided or in some cases, would cease to exist, leaving those served without the necessary supports provided.

Based on studies conducted by Statistic Canada, the return on investment is not questionable when assessing the value of volunteerism. Clearly no community, province or nation could support the level of commitment and service provided by these organizations. Collectively in Ontario alone, this represents the full-time equivalent of over 427,000 jobs, 819 million hours or an estimated value of $13.5 billion.

Benefits to the Community

  • opportunity for citizen engagement
  • opportunity to utilize the skills, knowledge and expertise within the community for the betterment of the community
  • youth engagement and leadership development that encourages long-term volunteerism and often provides a deeper connection to the community
  • opportunity to engage baby boomers and seniors who want to give back to their community
  • opportunity to engage the private sector business community

Benefits volunteers bring to Non-profit Organizations

  • credibility – volunteers have fewer vested interests, making them a valuable public relations asset
  • objectivity – especially in the delivery of services
  • refreshed energy
  • specialized skills and knowledge
  • public opinion on important issues
  • new ideas to enrich the existing programs
  • flexibility to focus intently on a particular task or issue
  • constructive criticism and feedback
  • fresh perspectives – "new blood" can keep an organization alive
  • ability to lessen the overall workload
  • capacity to expand services

Benefits to Volunteers - Why do people volunteer?

  • to help others and make a difference to the community
  • to use personal skills in a new setting
  • to find new friends and new relationships
  • to develop a sense of accomplishment and self-worth
  • to learn new skills and get experience
  • to meet requirements of a course or program
  • to challenge themselves
  • to work for a cause that affects them personally
  • to gain recognition for their abilities
  • to help improve the quality of community life
  • to develop patience and compassion
  • to increase knowledge of current issues faced in their community

Benefits to Newcomers

  • explore career options and/or gain work related experience
  • apply existing skills, abilities or education
  • develop additional skills
  • to improve communication skills
  • gain specialized training
  • demonstrate work experience in Canada
  • obtain letter of reference or referral
  • get to know your community
  • gain confidence

Benefits to Local Businesses

  • generates community exposure as a socially responsible corporation
  • increases business profile and public image in the media/community
  • increases the skill base for employees who volunteer
  • increases community and social awareness/commitment of employees
  • increases employee morale and loyalty
  • increases customer base and ‘sales’
  • strengthens relationships and builds partnerships with other stakeholders
  • provides networking opportunities with community/customers
  • provides team building across business lines
  • helps with recruiting and retaining quality employees