Volunteer Network 

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What is a Volunteer Network?

The underlying purpose of Volunteer Brantford is to promote and support volunteerism in an effort to connect all people to meaningful volunteer opportunities that reflect the needs of our community. Volunteer Brantford believes that every member of the community has both an opportunity and the ability to build the community in which they wish to live, work and play in a way that is meaningful to them.

Volunteers are everyday heroes that make communities a great place to live, work, invest and raise families.

As Brantford moves forward, a significant element of its success will come from a healthy and effective volunteer sector.

Volunteer Brantford helps community organizations engage volunteers, enhance internal leadership and achieve their missions. By connecting people, organizations and opportunities, Volunteer Brantford can assist to strengthen our community.

Currently there are an estimated 178+ registered not-for-profit organizations in Brantford, Brant and Six Nations of the Grand River committed to fostering individual and community development.

Volunteer Brantford is the link between those that want to volunteer and organizations that need volunteers to meet the needs of the community. More often than not, needs continue to go unmet as people are not aware of volunteer opportunities nor do organizations needing volunteers have the resources/skills to manage volunteers.

Volunteers Drive Communities

Ontario is driven by volunteers. Each year, just under half of the population volunteers their time, energy and skills. Their expertise, passion and dedication are essential in helping thousands of organizations achieve their mission and build stronger communities. The many contributions encompass the entire range of tasks that organizations require including serving on boards and committees, canvassing for funds, providing counselling services or making friendly visits to seniors, delivering food, helping build facilities, serving as volunteer drivers, helping to protect the environment and wildlife, advocating for social causes, coaching children and youth, and the list goes on.


The socio-economic impact of volunteerism in Brantford (using widely accepted provincial averages established in the National Survey on Volunteering, Giving and Participating, 2007) is estimated to be 42,000 volunteers age 15 or older, providing in excess of 7.1 million hours with a value over $117 million to the community.

Guiding Principles of Volunteer Brantford

  • Volunteers are the backbone of the voluntary sector. Their contributions are essential to maintaining a vibrant community
  • Volunteer Brantford will establish a strong network of support with local organizations and individuals to identify the needs of the community and engage the necessary resources to meet those needs through an effective referral service
  • Volunteer Brantford will be inclusive and provide accessibility to all within our diverse community.
  • Every volunteer has a unique gift that they can use to help others and improve our community.
  • Strong volunteer communities require education, advocacy, coordination, promotion and a vibrant public profile
  • Volunteer Brantford supports and endorses the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement