Wampum Belt Guswentah 

 Wampum Belt

The Powerful Five Nations Iroquois Confederacy presented the Two Row Wampum Belt or Guswentah to the British, which in codified form, is a recorded formal agreement between the two nations. The Two Row Treaty was first presented to the Dutch in the middle of the 16th century and it was known that the British also gave a wampum belt to the Six Nations.

This replica belt consists of two rows of purple beads on a white bead background or bed. Three rows of white beads, which symbolize peace, friendship and respect, separate the two purple rows. The two purple rows depict two paths, or two vessels, traveling down the same river. One row symbolizes the Iroquois Confederacy with their laws, customs, and ways, and the other symbolizes the European nations. Both paths or vessels move side by side in the same direction, neither interfering with the other, moving into the future, into infinity.

Let's take the message to heart and remember what the symbol, in a very simple way, means.