Interment Rights (Lots) 

formerly known as "Lot Purchase" 

When you make arrangements for burial in a Cemetery you are not purchasing land in the Cemetery. Instead, you are purchasing the "right to use the lot for burials". These rights are called Interment Rights and you will receive a legal document called a "Certificate of Interment Rights" after purchase.

The City of Brantford is responsible for the appearance and maintenance of the Cemetery. A Cemetery Bylaw is in place to assist the City in meeting it's responsibilities.

When you sign the interment rights contract at purchase, you are agreeing to follow the regulations set out in the Bylaw. 


Do I want to be cremated or not?

This is a personal decision but it is important to let your family know ahead of time. Sometimes one spouse may want to be cremated, while the partner would like a traditional (casket) burial. This situation can be accommodated by the purchase of a single grave. One casket and one urn can be housed in one single grave. Too many families are left struggling with the question, "Is this what he or she would have wanted?"

Do I want to be at Mount Hope or Oakhill Cemetery?

Many people have other family members that are buried at one of the City Cemeteries. If it is important to you to be buried in the same Cemetery, you may want to consider making arrangements now. Oakhill Cemetery is fairly new and has many lots to choose from. Mount Hope now has available "2-Grave Lots" (that will accommodate an upright monument) as well as options for above-ground burial (mausoleum or columbarium), and cremation in-ground burial.

Do I want a single grave or a lot with two or more graves?

Some families like to make sure that space will be available for other family members. If your family know what their burial choices are and want to be together in a family lot, you may want to consider purchasing more than one grave.

Do I want a flat marker or an upright monument on my grave?

Cemeteries are set up in sections. Some sections only allow flat markers while other sections are for upright monuments only. You need to know which you prefer before you can choose a lot.

Photo of Lots with Granite Flat Markers       Photo of Upright Monument

                   Flat Markers                                              Upright Monument