Benefits of Trees 

Large tree with foliage located on a boulevardTrees do things that all plants do: release oxygen, absorb pollutants, look beautiful, but because they're so big, trees make a big environmental impact.

Today, forested areas are only remnants of what was once here - the original forests of oaks, hickory, maple, and pine are mostly gone.  Most have been replaced by urban and rural development. Even with the loss of these forests, people still love their trees and tend to plant them where ever they can.  

Trees do all kinds of great things:

  • Reduce erosion
  • Reduce storm water runoff
  • Slow wind 
  • Dissipate sound
  • Provide shade
  • Absorb dust & heat
  • Reduce glare
  • Provides food and shelter for wildlife
  • Beautify our surroundings
  • Absorb carbon & release oxygen  
  • Provide a spot for your backyard tire swing

We all need to do our part to have as many big healthy trees in Brantford as we can.