Bylaws & Applications 

There are several bylaws that protect trees.  The two that have the biggest impact are the City Tree Bylaw and the Private Tree Bylaw: 

City Tree Bylaw

The City Tree Bylaw protects all trees on City property.  Trees may only be removed with the City's permission.  This includes trees on roadsides, in parks, in cemeteries, and on any other municipal land.  City Tree Bylaw Chapter 322 of the Brantford Municipal Code .  Please call (519) 7594150.     

Private Tree BylawImage showing the base of a tree surrounded by fallen amber coloured maple leafs

The Private Tree Bylaw only refers to trees on Private Property.  There is a list of 11 rare species that are protected anywhere in Brantford.  There are also 32 protected woodlots that have strict protection.  Any of the 11 rare species or any tree in a protected woodlot may not be removed without the permission of the City. 

Hazardous trees may be removed, but it's a good idea to notify Parks & Recreation at 519-759-4150 as soon as possible.  If you're not sure about the safety of a protected tree, call Parks & Recreation to request an Arborist inspection. 

Check out the link Private Tree Bylaw  (95-2004 & 171-2002) for the species list, and woodlot map.

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