Oblique aerial angle photo of Lorne Park

Welcome to the Urban Forest!

Most people don't think of themselves as living in a forest, but there's a good chance that if you look out your window right now you can see a tree. No, it's not what comes to mind when you hear the word 'forest', but at the landscape level each tree in Brantford contributes to an urban forest that is intermingled with the streets and buildings that make up the city.

Check out the information below and the links on the left to find out what the City does for you and how you can promote the Urban Forest!

Tree-Related City Services:

  • Plant & Maintain all trees on road Right of Way
  • Plant & Maintain all trees in Parks & Trails
  • Enforce Private & City Tree Bylaws
  • Road-side leaf & brush pickup info at Environmental Services
  • Safety of private trees info at the Building Department (Property Standards)

Trees By The Numbers

  • 65,000 trees along streets
  • 26,000 trees in parks (not including forest/woodland)
  • 250 dead, dying, or hazardous trees removed each year by Parks & Recreation
  • 500 trees planted each year along roadsides
  • 2500 inspection requests received every year
  • 5000 - 10000┬átrees planted by community groups each year
  • 900 acres of shade generated by street trees
  • 210 acres - Waterworks Park, the largest forested park in Brantford
  • 4 Bylaws that relate specifically to trees: City Tree Bylaw, Private Tree Bylaw, Parks Bylaw, Property Standards Bylaw


Herbicide to be applied to manage invasive species in New Forest in the City

Please be advised that the herbicide GARLON RTU registration No. 29334 will be applied as a cut stump or low volume basal-bark control to manage invasive common Buckthorn, Russian Olive and Manitoba Maple species located on the New Forest in the City property in the City of Brantford. This area consists of 27.5 hectares.

Commencing on or about October 11 to October 18, 2017 weather permitting, the process will require two days of application.

For more information please contact Rob Sawicki, Supervisor of Horticulture, Turf and Forestry, City of Brantford Parks and Recreation (519) 756-1450 Ext. 5541.

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