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Building, Plumbing, Demolition & Related Permits

For general information or a self-analysis of permit requirements pertaining to your proposal, the following pages are provided to guide explain the application and permit process.

Fences Boundary and Swimming Pools

This information sheet lists typical queries regarding swimming pool and wading pool fences, and boundary fences between properties. Building Department staff are able to provide a detailed interpretation of the fence bylaw on a specific basis.

How To Obtain a Demolition Permit

This information sheet describes the application process for a demolition permit.

Noise Control

If you want general information regarding the Noise Control regulations which are contained in Chapter 554 of the City of Brantford Municipal Code, or if you would like to file a complaint regarding the emission of noise under this legislation, our Building Department and City Police Department, who are responsible for enforcement of these requirements, can be of assistance. Both the Chief Building Official and the Police Chief are designated as Noise Control Administrators under this legislation.

Outstanding Property Work Order Information

This information sheet is provided to advise regarding obtaining work order information about a specific property.

Property Standards

The Building Department is able to provide information on minimum standards for the maintenance and occupancy of properties under Chapter 465 of the City of Brantford Municipal Code. The department also deals with complaints arising from a failure to comply with the bylaw.

Sign Permits Billboard Ground Portable

These pages are provided for general information regarding sign permits and will aid in determining the type of information required for your particular type of sign permit.

Unsafe Buildings and Vacant Properties

This information sheet provides a general description of unsafe buildings and vacant properties. Should you require interpretation of the requirements pertaining to unsafe buildings or conditions, ask our staff who would be pleased to assist.

Weeds and Debris

This information sheet contains details about the City of Brantford’s Weed and Debris regulations.

Zoning Designation & Development Standards

This information sheet will outline how to obtain the zoning designation, uses permitted, and the applicable development standards for a property.

Tents (Temporary Fabric Covered Structures)

This information sheet contains details about the City of Brantford’s Tent regulations.

Conversion of a Residential Building to a Lodging House

This information sheet contains details about converting to a lodging house