Cannabis Legalization 

Cannabis Legalization

Cannabis Retail Public Engagement Results

At the Special City Council meeting held on December 11, 2018, Council provided direction to staff to implement a Cannabis Retail Public Engagement Campaign including an online survey and a Public Information Session to help inform Council’s decision to opt in or opt out of permitting cannabis retail locations within the City of Brantford.

Our sincere thanks to the 2,341 respondents and 65 individuals who attended the Public Information Session on January 3, 2019, for sharing their feedback regarding this issue.

We are pleased to share the results of the public feedback campaign that will be considered by Committee of the Whole-Community Development at its meeting on January 8, 2019.

What you need to know

Ontario has passed new laws about how, where and who can buy, possess and consume cannabis in the province. Some, but not all, of the rules around cannabis-use include:

  • must be minimum age of 19 or older to use
  • prohibited at workplaces or in motorized vehicles or where children gather (e.g. schools)
  • illegal to drive drug-impaired
  • must purchase through a government-regulated distributor

The City's current Zoning By-law does not permit the privatized sale of recreational cannabis at storefront locations in the City of Brantford. Beginning October 17, 2018 and until further notice, legal sales of recreational cannabis in Brantford will only be permitted through the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) online store.

If you choose to use, lower your risk.

Know your Cannabis

Cannabis products should only be purchased through government-regulated distributors.

Hand over the keys

It is illegal to drive drug-impaired. Cannabis impairment is different for every individual and can be influenced by how you take cannabis. For example, the effects will be felt longer if you eat or drink cannabis-based products. There is no standard waiting time to drive after using cannabis. If you are using cannabis, do not drive. Find an alternative:

  • Stay over
  • Call a taxi
  • Share a ride
  • Use public transit
  • Have a designated driver

Age Matters

Under 25, your brain is still growing. Cannabis use can cause long-lasting damage to your brain.

Avoid the Burn

Smoking burnt cannabis can harm your lungs and expose others to second-hand smoke.

All things in Moderation

Daily use can increase health and social problems.

When to say no

If you are living with mental health issues, responsible for the safety of others, pregnant or breastfeeding, it’s best to say no.

Just because it’s legal, doesn’t make it good for you.

The Brant County Health Unit provides additional health resources and research associated with Cannabis use.

Provincial legislation will govern the sale and use of cannabis in Ontario.