Grand River Flood Awareness 

The Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) has advised that cold temperatures this winter, above average precipitation through the fall and a lack of mid-winter melt have resulted in a substantial snowpack in the watershed of the Grand River.  The amount of water in the snowpack is much greater than the long term average throughout the watershed. In some areas it is close to record high levels.

The GRCA has stated that the overall risk of flood is high this spring from a rapid melt or a rapid melt in combination with rainfall that would result in very high runoff, high river flows and breakup of river ice. There is also concern over ice jam flooding due to the high volume of ice in the river.

Brantford has a very extensive dyke system to protect the residents of low lying areas in West Brant, Eagle Place and Holmedale.

Public Awareness Releases

  1. Flood Watch: Warm weather and rain raise risk of flooding, ice jams - March 16th, 2015
  2. Watershed Conditions

Stay Informed

The Emergency Operations Advisory Group is monitoring the situation and will keep the public informed through media, social media and 211.

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