Safe Brantford 

Safe Brantford

Safe Brantford is a community based crime prevention initiative that focuses on the social and economic causes of crime by bringing together partners from health, educational, recreational and social services to engage in long-term crime prevention planning. The initiative encompasses many aspects of crime prevention as well as security and safety strategies.

This initiative is a unique and holistic approach to crime prevention that embraces the culture of community responsibility by involving the community at all levels. As the intention is for the program to be collaborative, it shares the responsibilities for security and safety within the City between all facets of the community.

In an effort to engage the community and inform development of a long-term strategy, earlier this year the City conducted a Safe Brantford survey among residents. We look forward to sharing the results of the survey and the way in which we will incorporate the community’s feedback into the Safe Brantford plan.

Safe Brantford requires involvement between The City of Brantford, its residents, community groups, service clubs, business, health care agencies, schools, family and support services as well as protective agencies, including Brantford Police and Fire. Safe Brantford works towards: safe businesses, schools, neighbourhoods, families, homes and public spaces. The community working together will ensure that Brantford is and remains safe.

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Community Safety & Crime Prevention Task Force

In 2011, Brantford’s Task Force on Community Safety and Crime Prevention undertook a strategic planning process to identify high priority objectives for increasing community safety and reducing crime rates in Brantford.

During the consultation phase with the community, three local strategic objectives for delivering a safe community were identified:

  • Objective 1: Resilient Youth – expand community based youth programs and increase youth participation levels;
  • Objective 2: Build Healthy Families – using advocacy and community engagement support the establishment of a detox rehabilitation centre;
  • Objective 3: Safe Neighbourhoods – develop tools to build neighbourhoods as safe inclusive places.

The Community Safety and Crime Prevention Task Force Strategic Plan along with its companion document the Brantford Environmental Scan established the initial direction for the Safe Brantford initiative.

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For more information or to provide your feedback about Safe Brantford please contact Alexandra Graham, Manager, Community Partnerships, at 519-759-4150 Ext. 6237 or by email at