Flood Control 

In the case of flooding or danger of flooding the Public Works Department will:

  • Supply a limited amount of sandbags where flooding of basements on private property occur. If flooding has occurred to a resident we will supply a limited amount of pumps, to pump out clean water only, as the water will be entering our storm system. With the supply of city pumps a waiver will need to be signed and the pump returned in good condition.
  • The Public Works Department monitors the Dyke along the Grand River by an alarm system at 10 Earl Ave, this informs us of the river levels, allowing us to close the control gates as needed.
  • When flooding or the danger of flooding occurs the Public Works Department will close roads to maintain public safety. Gilkison St, Birketts Lane, River Rd are the most common to be affected by flooding. Subways and low lying are inspected prior to storms, to prevent overflows of catch basins. A 24 hour river watch will be in place when flooding occurs.
  • The Public Works Department is responsible for the Dyke system, flapgates, and control gates. Regular maintenance is scheduled to ensure the proper operation and maintenance.