A ‘spill’ is a discharge into the natural environment, from or out of a structure, vehicle or other container, that is abnormal in quality or quantity in light of all of the circumstances of the discharge.

In more general terms, a spill is essentially any accidental, abnormal or inadvertent release of a pollutant discharged into the natural environment from or out of a human-made container.”

(Ontario Ministry of the Environment, SAC, May 2007)


What to Do in the Case of a Spill?

If safe to do so, you should try to first contain the spill using booms or absorbant pads or materials, and prevent it from causing further damage. Clean up of the spill should begin as soon as possible.  All companies should have a spill action plan available to all employees so that in the case a spill occurs, the employees know what to do and who to contact.  If you feel you need emergency assistance, call 911.

If a spill occurs to either the sewer system or the natural environment, the following notifications are required by the Ontario Environmental Protection Act (s. 92 and s. 15).

  1. Notification to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment:
    Spills Actions Center 1-800-268-6060
  2. Notification to the City of Brantford:
    Public Works Department - 519-752-4832 (24-hr reporting)
    Pollution Control Department - 519-752-5263 (Mon. through Fri. 8:00am – 4:00pm)
    Brantford Fire Department – 519-752-4346
  3. Notification to the Owner:
    The owner of the spilled pollutant must be notified if the person required to report is not the owner of  the pollutant spilled. The owner of the property onto which the pollutant was spilled should also be notified.

Costs associated with spill cleanup may be billed to the responsible party.