Sanitary & Storm Sewers 

The Public Works and Environmental Services departments have a number of functions aimed at protecting the Grand River and as well as maintaining all Storm and Sanitary sewers, and Catchbasins.

These activities include:

  • Enforcement of the Sewer Use Bylaw through the sampling and testing of industrial, commercial and institutional sanitary effluents.
  • Monitoring of all sanitary trunk sewers and Water Pollution Control Plant influent and effluent. 
  • Coordination of spill clean-up and reporting to Ministry of the Environment.
  • Inspections of restaurants with a focus on proper handling of waste oil and grease and grease trap maintenance.
  • Sampling and testing all storm water outfalls within the City of Brantford. 
  • Flushing of sewers, storm and sanitary on a regular basis
  • CCTV (Close Circuit Television) of storm and sanitary sewers to inspect for possible defects and debris.
  • Repair storm and sanitary manholes as well as catchbasins.
  • For a fee Operational Services will inspect and if necessary clear any blockages on Private Drain Connections.
  • Routine maintenance on all Retention Ponds, Creeks, Streams, and Outfalls within the city of Brantford.
  • Smoke and dye testing to find cross connections.

In the following pages you can find more information about sewer maintenance, the Sewer Use Bylaw and the Sewage and Water Rates Bylaw, what to do in the case of a spill or a blockage,  and answers to frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions, please call us at Operational Services 519-752-4832 or Pollution Control 519-752-5263.

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