Storm Sewers 

Within the City of Brantford, the storm sewer system is completely separate from the sanitary sewer system. There are currently 373 km of storm sewers and 13,000 catchbasins. The main function of the storm sewer system is to drain rain water away from city streets and parking lots, diverting the water back into our natural waterways and preventing flooding. Rain/ melt water flows into catch basins, which line our city streets and parking lots. The water flows through large underground pipes directly to outfalls or to retention ponds which then flow to outfalls. The outfall is where the piping system ends and the water enters creeks such as East Ward or D'Aubigny or into wetlands, ultimately ending up in the Grand River.  Anything that enters the storm sewer system flows directly out into our environment and is not treated by the Sewage Treatment Plant.

To the upper left is a picture of a typical catch basin in Brantford, the beginning of our storm sewer system, where water enters the storm system. To the upper right is a picture of an outfall.The end of the storm sewer system, where the water leaves the piping system and is released back into the natural environment.