Backflow Prevention 

water fountain backflowThe City of Brantford adopted a Backflow Prevention Bylaw, on May 7th, 2007. This bylaw is applicable only to Industrial, Commercial and Institutional properties as well as Multi-Residential buildings having 4 or more stories. This bylaw was enacted to to protect the potable water supply from incidences of cross-contamination due to backflow.

Under certain conditions, the flow of water in a supply line can be reversed, and if this happens when connected to something containing non-potable water or chemicals, contaminants can flow backwards into the drinking water supply line, otherwise known as backflow.

NEW in 2012!

Backflow Prevention Course Re-Certification is a Mandatory Requirement

Starting January 1, 2012, the Ontario Water Works Association (OWWA) will require recertification for backflow testers after five years from date of certification. If you received certification prior to January 1, 2007 you will be required to attend a 16 hour seminar and pass the examination in order to retain your certificate as a "Backflow/Cross Connection Control Tester".   Please check this link for more information or to register:

Annual Re-Test Requirement for Backflow Prevention Devices

Under Backflow Prevention Bylaw#75-2007, it is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that all of the backflow prevention devices installed on Brantford-owned properties to which the Bylaw applies are tested and tagged on an annual basis. 

These devices have working parts that can break down over time and therefore require periodic testing to determine if they are working properly. Maintenance work may be required on a backflow prevention device if a test result shows that it has failed to prevent backflow from occurring.  In this case, it must be immediately repaired or replaced and re-tested to prove it is now in good working condition.

A copy of the Test Report for each device must be submitted to the City’s Compliance Division (180 Greenwich Street, Brantford, ON) within 14 days of testing. Testing must be performed by a qualified plumbing contractor with backflow prevention testing certification.  The first of the month following the date of the initial Test Report will serve as the anniversary of the annual Test Report due date.

5-Year Anniversary Re-Survey Requirement of Initial Cross-Connection Survey

On the 5th year of the anniversary of the initial cross-connection survey, and every 5 years thereafter, a follow-up survey must be performed and the survey results must be submitted to the City within fourteen days of completion. The property owner will be exempted from the requirement to perform a survey if:

  1. No operational or process changes were made AND no changes were made to the plumbing configuration within the previous 5-year period; OR
  2. The premises are protected with an existing reduced pressure principle assembly (RP) backflow prevention device or the owner chooses to install one.

In either of the above cases the owner may simply indicate and sign on the required Cross-Connection Survey Form to forego the requirement to perform a new survey. Surveys will be due every 5 years on the first of the month following the anniversary month of the initial survey. The purpose of this re-survey is to determine if anything has changed in the operations or plumbing configuration over the past 5 years that may have increased the hazard level.

Blank reporting forms for surveys and tests can be found at bottom of this page. All forms can be faxed to the Building Department at: 519-752-1874. Questions regarding this letter should be directed to Backflow Plumbing Inspector at 519-759-4222, ext. 5127. 

For properties that continue to remain outstanding for submission of overdue Test Reports or Cross-Connection Surveys, the City may initiate water service disconnection proceedings on the basis that the City’s water safety may be at risk. 


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For more information about the Backflow Prevention Bylaw Contact Environmental Services at 519-759-1350


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