Water Programs 

Backflow Prevention

Help Stop Backflow! Have you ever opened a water tap and got something other than clean, safe water?

Click to learn how can you protect your potable water supply from incidents of backflow.

Bulk Water Filling Stations

A Bulk Water Station is now available in the City of Brantford for use by customers to fill their water trucks.

Click to find station locations and rates for bulk water.

Lead In Tap Water

Click for information on Lead In Tap Water & the grant program.

Proposed Water Collection Bylaw

The proposed Water Service Connection By-law provides comprehensive measures to protect the City’s drinking water infrastructure and supply, while providing efficient and consistent service to residents and businesses.

Click to learn more about this proposed bylaw.

Source Water Protection

It is important to protect the sources of municipal drinking water to ensure there's enough safe water now and into the future.

Click to see how individual property owners can undertake projects to protect drinking water sources.

Frozen Water Services

Water pipes and service lines can freeze when frost penetrates the ground during long periods of extremely low temperatures. Water pipes located in unheated areas of homes can also freeze without proper insulation.

Click to view Frozen Water Services Information.

Water Conservation

In Canada, most people depend on a municipal water supply for their needs. Growing population and economic development is increasing demand on these water supply systems.

Click to see our tips on how you can reduce indoor and outdoor water use.

Waterwise Gardening

Waterwise gardens are a beautiful alternative to the traditional lawn and garden, and survive on rainfall alone after roots are established.

Click to use drought-tolerant plants to create a sustainable landscape while conserving water

Waterwise Landscape Recognition Program

A program recognizing the efforts of Brantford residents who have converted a significant portion of their property to be Waterwise.

Click to use drought-tolerant plants to create a sustainable landscape while conserving water