Drinking Water Protection Signs 

Drinking Water Protection SignWhat You Should Know If You See This Sign

What is a Drinking Water Protection Area?

A Drinking Water Protection Area is an area that contributes water to our municipal drinking water supply. The City of Brantford takes water from the Grand River via the Holmedale Canal to produce drinking water. Any contaminant getting into the Grand River closer to our water intake could impact our drinking water supply.  We need to protect our drinking water.

Why are Drinking Water Protection Area Signs being posted?

The signs have been posted in areas closer to our water intake to increase awareness within the community about where our drinking water comes from and the impacts that our actions can have on water quality. The signs also provide a number to call in case of a spill.

What do the Drinking Water Protection Area Signs mean for me?

The signs are there to remind you to pay extra attention to land-use activities in these areas as well as the need to report any spills that you may become aware of.  Reporting of spills allows for prompt response by authorities to any potential threats to our water supply.

What are potential sources of contamination in these areas?

  • Sources of ContaminationSpills of industrial chemicals or hazardous wastes
  • Spills of gasoline or diesel fuel from vehicle accidents 
  • Spilling of fertilizers and pesticides

The Clean Water Act

The Clean Water Act was passed by the Ontario legislature in 2006 to implement the recommendations of the public inquiry into the Walkerton tainted water tragedy of May 2000. It is one part of a “multi-barrier” approach to keeping drinking water clean, which includes adequate treatment, a well-maintained distribution system, proper monitoring and warning systems and plans to respond to problems.

Who is responsible for these signs?

These signs have been installed by the City of Brantford with funding provided by the Ministry of the Environment under the Ontario Drinking Water Stewardship Program for Early Actions that protect drinking water.