Intake Protection Zones 

How were Drinking Water Protection Areas identified?

Drinking Water Protection Areas in the City have been identified as Intake Protection Zones as follows: 

Intake Protection Zone 1

Intake Protection Zone 1 - Holmedale CanalDefined as the area around the drinking water supply intake, including the Holmedale Canal and 120 metres of land on either side of the canal, plus the Grand River & adjacent shoreline immediately upstream of Wilkes Dam. 

Intake Protection Zone 2

Defined as the area where water can reach the Water Treatment Plant intake in six hours.  It includes areas upstream of Wilkes Dam along the Grand River as well as along streams, storm sewers and rural drains that empty into the river upstream of the intake.  It includes areas outside of city boundaries in the County of Brant.  In the event of a spill, the operators of the water treatment plant may have to top up their storage reservoirs and then close the river intake while the pollutants flow past. However, it takes time for a spill to be noticed, to inform the water plant and for the operators to take the necessary action. In order to provide adequate time for warning and action, six hours are needed. For a map of Intake Protection Zones 1 and 2, click the below pdf document.

Intake Protection Zone 3

In accordance with Technical Rule 70, IPZ-3 include the area within each surface water body that may contribute water to the intake and where this area abuts land, the IPZ-3 will also include the portion of land within the Conservation Authority Regulation Limit or 120 m, whichever is greater. For the purposes of delineating the IPZ-3 for the City of Brantford WTP, the MNR Water Virtual Flow – Seamless Provincial Data Set and Water Poly Segment GIS data layers from the Ontario Land Information Warehouse were used to identify water bodies upstream of IPZ-2 that may contribute water to the intake.

If you are aware of a SPILL within Intake Protection Zone 2 or of hazardous waste products deposited anywhere in the yellow highlighted area of the map, please immediately call the Pollution Control Office at:


If you are aware of a spill to the Holmedale Canal or of hazardous waste products deposited anywhere in the red highlighted area of the map (Intake Protection Zone 1), please immediately call the Water Treatment Plant at:



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