Protecting Our Zones 

What is the City of Brantford Doing to Protect Local Intake Protection Zones?

In 2008, six-foot high chain link fencing was installed along the west side of Grand River Avenue adjacent to the Holmedale Canal to act as a deterrent to both pedestrians and motorists who might otherwise choose to dump garbage, or waste chemicals in or along the east bank of the canal.  Guardrails were further installed opposite three T-intersections along Grand River Avenue to deflect any motor vehicles or truck trailers from accidentally entering the canal.

In the fall of 2010, old, manual control gates were replaced with new watertight, automated control gates at the inlet to the Holmedale Canal. These gates prevent any contaminated river water from entering the canal upon closure of the gates.  Automation decreases response times upon notification of any spills upstream as the new electrically operated gates can be closed quickly by the system operator. 

In addition to the new control gates, Drinking Water Protection Area permanent street signs and Source Water Protection interpretive signs were installed within Intake Protection Zones 1 and 2, along with a number to call in case of a spill.

Starting in 2014, industrial and commercial properties within City limits that are located within Intake Protection Zones are being systematically inspected to determine if some of their activities may pose a hazard to our source of drinking water. Once the Brantford's Source Protection Plan (SPP) is approved by the MOECC (end of 2015), these prescribed activities will either be prohibited or managed via risk management plans, prescribed instruments (such as Environment Compliance Approvals) and education programs. Once the SPP is approved, future activities will also be regulated to ensure that they never pose a significant drinking water threat to our source of drinking water.