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Children’s Games and Tips


Games and lessons plans for kids and teachers: Click for water games

EPA Water Sense Kids

Simple water-saving tips and a game for kids:

CWEC - Children's Water Education Council

This is the basis for Children's Water Festivals in Ontario. There are a lot of activities, games and events on this page.

The Groundwater Foundation

Teach adults and kids about the importance of protecting our ground water.

Household tips: Click for household tips
Kids corner: Click for kids corner

Other Links

The Grand River Drought Advisory

Government of Ontario Water Conservation

Download Government of Ontario Water Conservation Goals

Household Tips

Water Conservation Throughout the Home

Click to open Water Conservation Throughout the Home tips

Home Water Works

This website is really useful. It has tips on indoor/outdoor water conservation as well as a calculator that tells you have much water your home uses.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

Information on Rain Gardens

This is a link from CMHC to Rain Gardens which improve storm water management. Click for more information

Information on Green Housing

CMHC Green Housing Tips. Also has section on saving water in your home (there are multiple links for that). Click for green house tips

H2ouse Water Saver Home

A complete website of household water conservation tips.

Environment Canada

Environment Canada Wise Water Use. There is also a water-savings calculator on this page including water saving tips and information.

Click for waterwise use

Water Use Calculator

Complete water use calculator. This website has a section for every type of water use in the house. Just plug in the average number of minutes used for each activity. Water used is provided in gallons.

Click for the water use calculator

Water Footprint Calculator

Click for the water footprint calculator

Waterwise Gardening

Lawn and Garden Tips During Drought - Frankie Flowers

Click for lawn and garden tips during a drought

Top Drought Tolerant Plants - Frankie Flowers

Click for top drought tolerant plants

How to Water your Garden Correctly - Frankie Flowers

Click for tips on how to water your garden correctly