Frequently Asked Questions 


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Is this an emergency snow removal service?
No, every participant, senior or buddy, must be registered before a match is made.
Can I use the program to gain my Community Volunteer hours?
Yes, you are able to earn high school community volunteer hours.
Students should request the hours form from their high school Guidance Department.
How do I register?
Complete and return the registration form and orientation quiz, then wait to hopefully be matched with a senior.
How old do I need to be to register in the program?
Buddies are typically between the ages of 12-16 years old.
Buddies that are over the age of 18 are also welcome to be involved in the program but as a volunteer.
Are there any other snow removal programs within the City?
Yes, the “Snow Windrow Removal Program”
This is a free program & is run from the Public Works department at 519-752-4832.
Is a Buddy Guaranteed?
No, there is not a guarantee that a match will be able to happen.
A match happens when buddies are within a reasonable walking distance from the senior.
Can I request a volunteer?
Yes, however there are very few Buddies that register as a volunteer.
If I have been registered in the previous year, do I need to re-register & pay the fee again?
Yes, each year a new registration is required along with the $5.40 fee.
What is the registration fee for buddies?
Buddies are required to pay a $10.00 registration fee.
If no match is made within the season new buddies will receive a $5.00 Parks and Recreation gift card.
If I have been registered in the previous year, do I need to re-register and pay the fee again?
If you were matched last year the registration fee is $5.00.
If you could not be matched last year there is no charge.
Only new Buddies require training.
What happens if my match goes on holidays?
The senior will need to clarify dates as to when they will be going on vacation.
It needs to be discussed that if it snows while the senior is away, will the buddy be required to shovel & how and when the buddy would be compensated.
What is the Registration fee for seniors?
There is a $5.40 non-refundable registration fee for seniors.
Do I need to call my buddy to arrange a time for them to shovel?
Yes, typically a call would happen each time when shoveling is required.
This is an item to discuss at the meet ‘n’ greet & for both parties to decide & agree upon.
How much should I pay my buddy for the work that is done?
Both parties will agree upon an amount to be paid each time the area is shoveled.
Please use the Price Guidelines page to help decide on an appropriate amount.
What happens when a match is made?
If & when a match is made, the senior will receive a letter that will have the buddies name & phone number.
The senior will then call to arrange for a meet ‘n’ greet with a parent.