General Information 

Before work has begun for the season, the following list of points should be discussed by the Buddy and the Senior. This will help to ensure that each party understands each other’s expectations of the job.

Area to Be Shovelled

Buddies should be sure that they understand what areas they are responsible for clearing. The senior should indicate exactly where the snow should be shoveled.

When the Work is Done

Seniors should call the Buddy when shoveling is needed. If Buddies cannot shovel in the morning before school begins, Seniors should be made aware of this. If Buddies will be on vacation and will not be available to shovel, they should try to find their own coverage & call the Snow Buddies program at 519-756-3261 ext. 5569 so that we will also know just in case it snows.  They should also let the Senior know when they are going to be away as the Senior may also be able to arrange for alternative help if the Buddy is not able to find a backup.


Please discuss whether or not the Buddy is expected to bring his/her own shovel or if the Senior has an appropriate one available. Be aware that Buddies are not permitted to use Snow blowers.


Setting a price for the work is often a difficult and uncomfortable process, but it is very important that both parties agree to an amount each time the area is shoveled. Work should not begin if either party feels that a fair price has not been negotiated. Please use the Price Guidelines page included in the package to help you to decide on an appropriate price. Be aware that as snowfalls vary in amounts, prices will vary as well. If clearing the area takes twice as much time after a large snowfall, then perhaps twice the amount should be paid.


If Buddies are working as volunteers for high school community service hours, then seniors should be told that they will be keeping track of hours and signing a form at the end of the season. Students should request the form from their high school Guidance Departments and also keep a running total of the hours worked.


To ensure both the safety of Seniors and Buddies we recommend that Buddies do not enter the home of a client. If it is necessary to obtain signatures for work done, as in the case of high school volunteer hours or to sign a Veteran’s form for seniors, both parties should be aware that this is expected at the beginning of the season. If the Buddy is required to spread salt, the Buddy should know where it is kept. If the Buddy is not comfortable with the location, then an agreed area should be decided on at the beginning of the season. Buddies should never be asked to do any work with snow blowers, or other machinery.