Price Guidelines should help Buddies & Seniors establish a fair rate of pay for each time shoveling is required.

Both parties should be comfortable with the amount negotiated.


Please note that the size of the area and the amount of snow to be shoveled will affect the amount.

Prices are not fixed and are to be used as Guidelines only for an average snowfall.

Payment should be made immediately after the job has been completed.

Average city sidewalk in front of a house: $10

Single driveway plus sidewalk in front of house: $12 - $18
Double driveway plus sidewalk in front of house:  $15 – $25

Corner lot including driveway:  $18 – $30

Circumstances that may require additional negotiation:

~ If shoveling takes place before the snow has stopped falling and the Buddy has return the same day

~ The heaviness of snow being lifted

~ How much snow is being cleared after a snow plough has filled a driveway

~ If severe weather will make it more difficult for the Buddy to shovel (wind, sleet or freezing rain)