How do you schedule your ice time at the Civic Centre?
Each summer a regular ice users meeting is held for all City of Brantford arenas to look at needs for the upcoming season. Once the requests are fulfilled the ice is scheduled according to needs. All ice users from the previous year are offered their ice and any ice time remaining is booked out on a first come first served basis.
How much does it cost to rent the Civic Centre arena for a special event?
The best thing to do if you are considering a special event booking is to call the office at 752-6541 and make an appointment with the Facility Supervisor, Melanie Brown or email her at melaniebrown@brantford.ca. The cost can vary based on your requirements however basic charges are $2936.56/ day plus set up charges.
What are the dimensions of the ice surface?
The ice surface is 190 feet by 85 feet.
Do I have to get my own liquor licence?
No, the Civic Centre is now licensed.
How many people can fit in the auditorium?
For functions with alcohol and using rectangular 8 foot tables the maximum capacity is 267 and if you want round tables for your function the capacity is approximately 250 or only 200 if you need a dance floor. For functions without alcohol our capacity is 200 theatre style. The dimensions of the auditorium are 75'X45'. There is a stage that is 26'X22'.
How do I set up a rental agreement?
Once you decide on your date for your event a contract will be prepared and you will be contacted. You will be required to come to the Civic Centre Administrative Office to sign a copy of your contract and pay the $100.00 non refundable deposit. Your balance must be paid 1 month prior to your event. Included in your rental fee is a$250.00 damage deposit. If there is no damage you will receive your damage deposit back after your rental.
How many seats does the Civic Centre arena have?
The Civic Centre has 2952 seats and standing room for 419. If the floor is down there is room for additional seating at floor level and the number of seats available depends on the event set up.
What facilities are available in the auditorium?
The auditorium has a kitchen with a roll up window into the room. The kitchen has a large cooler and there is access to a second cooler and freezer. There is also a stove and microwave oven. There is a rollup door with access off the auditorium to assist you when you bring supplies in for your function. There is also a stage for your use.
How much does it cost to rent the auditorium and what does it include?
The rates for the auditorium vary according to the event that is taking place. The rates include HST. If you have an event with alcohol you must also have insurance, which you can purchase through the City of Brantford and it will be included in your contract. For information on rates call the Civic Centre office at 752-6541.
How much does it cost to rent ice?
Rates can vary from year to year however the 2016/17 rates are as follows: Winter rates are for October 1-March 31. Otherwise summer rates are in effect. Adult prime time - Winter Rate - $253.56/hr Adult non prime time - Winter Rate - $164.81/hr Minor prime time - Winter Rate - $171.89/hr Minor non prime time - Winter Rate - $111.73/hour Weekend non prime time - Winter Rate - $177.49/hour There is also a non-prime weekday, daytime rate for up to 4 skaters of $50/hour. ($5.00 per additional skater) In the summer the floor is rented out for $65/hr for minors and $76.50/hr for adults. You must either purchase insurance from the City or provide a valid Insurance Certificate when renting the ice or floor. Insurance and rental fee must be paid prior to going on ice or floor.
Is there ice time available?
There are some hours of ice available but they are usually in non prime time. Prime time is Monday-Friday 5-11pm and all weekend from 7am-10pm. That leaves weekdays from 8 am – 5pm. and after 11pm and weekends after 10pm. However staff is only on duty until 12 midnight. Some groups find it desirable to have ice in non prime time because the rate is cheaper.
How long do you have ice in the arena?
The ice is usually put in late August, early September dependent upon need. Once in the ice season lasts until sometime in the beginning of April dependent once again upon need.
What is SOCAN?
SOCAN is the Society of Composers and Authors. We remit fees to SOCAN on your behalf for the music that you play at your event. SOCAN only requires fees for certain events however this will be specified in your rental contract.
Does the Civic Centre have Adult Shinny (pick up) Hockey?
Yes the Civic Centre has adult shinny (pick up) hockey during the ice season Monday - Friday from 12 noon – 1:20pm. There are dates that are not available due to other events and activities. It is recommended that the shinny (pick up) players wear a CSA approved helmet as well full equipment. Non-contact rules apply. The current cost of this program is $6.00 per person.