A facility built by the community.

The Brantford & District Civic Centre consists of a 2981 seat arena as well as standing room for 750 and an auditorium. It was built by the citizens of Brantford and surrounding area as a Centennial project. In 1963 the Brantford Labour Council took the initiative and spearheaded a drive for funds and when representatives were sought from other organizations assistance was received from the Brantford Jaycees. At first it was difficult to form a Campaign Committee because it was such a big job. The decision therefore was to split the campaign in two phases. A canvass was made by labour of various industries for pledges on the basis of .50/week for three years. Volunteers carried out the drive and over $250,000 in pledges was secured during phase one of the drive. This, together with a $175,000 Centennial grant gave us almost a half million dollars towards the goal.

A successful campaign for funds from labour, management and private citizens was conducted over a four-year period.

Eventually a professional fundraiser was hired and the results put the campaign over the top. The achievement was accomplished with the cooperation of Labour and management and is an indication of what can be done when they work together.

About this time a snag developed. All Centennial grants required that the Ontario Municipal Board approve recommendations. The O.M.B. issued stipulations that the local government must back and operate the project. They also ruled that the City Treasurer must handle all monies. The Steering Committee therefore, was forced to turn the project over to a City appointed Commission.

The official opening of the Brantford & District Civic Centre was held on March 25 & 26, 1967