Harmony Square Mascot 


This June 8-10, the City of Brantford’s Harmony Square will celebrate its 10th Anniversary with a 3-day celebration reflecting on the past 10 years of events at Harmony Square!

To mark the occasion, we will be introducing to the community an official Harmony Square Mascot and we need your help to make the design come to life!

Below is the Timeline for the Harmony Square Mascot Design. Make sure to get involved!

January: Survey Monkey created and distributed

February 1st - 15th: Civic News Ads inviting the public to participate

February 15th: Mascot Public Forum/Workshop at the Sanderson Centre

March 7th: Create voting process & establish voting locations

March 9th: Data Collection submitted to designers

1st week of April: 5 designs presented to the community for voting. *Voting ends April 13, 2018 at 3:00pm.  *Keep in mind that the clothing and/or colour of the final Mascot design is subject to change.*

3rd week of April: Winning design selected from most votes received from public.

May: Harmony Square Mascot REVEALED!
The community has spoken on what the Mascot will look like, so we are excited to share that the majority of votes went to design Harmony Square’s new Mascot to be a friendly and enthusiastic light brown squirrel!

Now our squirrel needs a name and that’s where you come in again.

What is your suggestion for a name for the new Harmony Square squirrel Mascot? Click here to submit

Please submit by May 12, 2018. The top five names (by number of submissions) will be shared with the community from May 28th - June 9th at 2:00 pm to vote on the final winner.

June 9: Mascot revealed during Opening Ceremonies June 9 at 12noon!
June 9-10: Festival patrons vote on the Top 5 Mascot names submitted.
June 10: Official name for the Mascot will be announced on Sunday June 10th!

Click to apply to be the future Harmony Square Mascot during events!

**Applications & Resume MUST be submitted by April 22 at 4:00pm