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From the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre to our City's five community centres to various halls, golf courses and the ever-popular outdoor Harmony Square, the City of Brantford has a facility to suit your needs. Looking for a place to host your next meeting or social event? Give one of the City’s many facilities a call for availability.


The City of Brantford adopted a Municipal Alcohol Policy (MAP) to set out the rules and conditions under which City facilities can be used for various functions licensed under the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO).

It is a requirement of the MAP that Event Sponsors of alcohol-related events employ professional bartending companies or approved service groups for all events requiring Special Occasion Permits (SOP's). Negotiation of rates and fees for this service is the responsibility of the Event Sponsor with the selected Approved Bartending Company/Organization.

The "Approved Bartending Company List" is posted below and is provided to anyone renting a City-owned facility for an alcohol-related event. The City of Brantford is seeking organizations who may be interested in providing this type of service. 

Bartending companies or service groups wishing to be added to the list are asked to contact Parks and Recreation, 519-756-1500.

As a minimum, businesses or organizations must be able to provide and comply with the following:

  1. Proof of five (5) million dollars alcohol liability insurance naming, "The Corporation of the City of Brantford" as additional insured;
  2. Smart Serve numbers (current to the past five years) of all servers, security personnel, and person in authority;
  3. A House Policy for the safe service of alcohol;
  4. Participate in training of the MAP and sign off on a standing contract.

Choose from one of our many community facilities and start planning your next get-together, party or family fun day at one of our great spots.

You may also contact our Parks and Recreation office by email for an electronic version of the map

For any alcohol event you must use a City Approved Bartending Company/Organization.  Our City Approved Bartending list is listed below or call 519-756-1500.

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