Children's Specialty Programs 

Green Thumbs Club Ages 5-12

Get ready for spring when you attend the Green Thumbs Club. Make a spring craft, play some spring themed games, and of course plant some seeds to take home

Saturday May 5 1pm-3pm

Learn to Sk8board Ages 7-11

Get ready to hit the ramps and land some sweet tricks in our speciality skatebaroding program! In Level 1 session riders will learn beginner techniques from our experts and  get comfortable on their board. In Level 2 riders will move to high skill maneuvers. NOTE: Participants should complete Level 1 before Level 2. Skaters learn the beginner techniques from our skateboard staff and gradually transition into higher skill maneuvers. Skateboards and helmets are avaialble for use in this program.

Combined course starts  Jan 20 2018 10:00am-11:00am for 8 weeks

Level 1 March 24 2018 10:00am-11:00am for 8 weeks

Level 2 March 24 11:15am-12:15pm for 8 weeks

Red Cross Stay Safe Ages 9-11

This new Red Cross safety program is perfect for those who want to be independent and/or prepare for unexpected challenges. Through real world scenarios and hands on learning you will learn to stay safe!

Saturday Jan 27 9am-2pm

Saturday Mar 3 9am-2pm

Saturday May 26 9am-2pm

Red Cross Babysitter Training Ages 11-15

Want to have fun while earning money? Our certified Red Cross Instructor will teach you important skills for taking care of children and also give you some great ideas on how to make babysitting safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Saturday Feb 24 9am-3pm

Saturday Apr 14 9am-3pm

Saturday Jun 9 9am-3pm