Dog Park (Dogford Park) 

About Dogford Park

Picture of small breed dog with ball in it's mouth

Dogford Park is located on the west side of Gilkison Street south of Colborne Street West and just past the Veteran's Memorial Parkway overpass.

Below are the Rules & Regulations for Dogford Park – these rules are also posted on the fence at the park and we ask that you take note of them in order to provide all users with an enjoyable leash free park.

This park is intended for leash free dog exercise - it is not recommended that leashed dogs be walked in this park.

Please remove your dog’s leash in the double-gated area before entering the park.

Please note: The park is open 7 days a week except for Tuesday mornings for grass cutting seasonally.

You must clean up after your dog(s)

Gilkison Street South of Veteran's Memorial Parkway (formerly BSAR) overpass

"Providing off leash freedom for the enjoyment of dogs and their families, in a safe and healthy environment"

How to Enjoy Dogford Park

  • Before entering with your dog allow other dogs to exit the double-gated area
  • Close first gate behind you before opening second gate
  • Fill any holes your dog digs
  • Exercise is good for humans too – move around the park with your dog instead of clustering near the gate
  • Pick up after your dog and dispose of in appropriate container
  • Have drinking water available for your dog

Dogford Park Committee

The Dogford Park Committee welcomes you and your dog(s) to Brantford’s first Off Leash Dog Park and we hope you enjoy your visit and that you will help us make this a safe and pleasant place for our dogs to run & play. 

Join the Dogford Park Committee

We are currently seeking new volunteers to join in the Dogford Park committee redevelopment. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact at 519.756.1500 ext. 5537.

The past Dogford Park Committee worked extremely hard, with the help & support of the Parks and Recreation Department staff, to establish this park.  The groups toured and enjoyed parks in other municipalities in Canada and the U.S. and implemented best practices at Dogford Park. There are many such parks that work very well and are enthusiastically accepted by dog owners but these same dog owners have to take responsibility for their use of the park.


Beware of MISUSE of the word “aggressive”

Behaviour you might see but might not like that is natural and not necessarily aggressive:

  • Charging
  • Mass greetings
  • Humping
  • Posturing
  • Play biting
  • Dogs rejecting (telling off) other dogs

Along with the above it could also include growls, hackles up, barking, curling of lips and wrestling

Picking up or carrying your dog sometimes causes excitement in other dogs who may jump up and the carried dog may get nipped at – it is better to leave them on the ground


  • Emergency 911   
  • S.P.C.A  (519) 756-6620
  • Parks and Recreation Department (519) 756-1500
  • Pet Injury-refer to your vet
  • Human Injury-seek medical attention