Sport Turf 

Turf Operations at Parks and Recreation

Brantford's Park & Recreation Turf staff are responsible for maintaining the city's high quality sports turf.  They also maintain turf in our neighbourhood parks, greenspaces, trails and roadsides.

Aerial photograph of Cockshutt Park baseball diamonds

The department is held in high regard within the industry for providing quality sports turf for the users of our fields.  Staff take great pride in the program that helps us provide this service.  For many years now we have based our maintenance on an IPM Program.  Integrated Pest Management, or IPM is the management of pest problems that involves use of a full spectrum of control measures in a coordinated, integrated and foresighted manner.  A cornerstone of IPM is the idea of taking preventative steps to preclude a pest problem instead of waiting for pests to arrive and then having to eradicate them.

Brantford's IPM program includes regular inspection of the turf for growth & vigor, turf cover, pest infestations and weed growth.  From these inspections action can be taken to ensure good growth and vigor.  Parks staff perform different cultural practices on a regular basis to promote good growth.  These are aeration, fertilizing and rolling.  Other practices such as overseeding, topdressing, soil testing and full renovations are done as needed.

Proper irrigation is also a key component to growing great turf.  Several of our fields have automated underground irrigation systems.  These systems are managed by parks staff.

The most common and most important practice is mowing.   Parks staff mow our fields to 2 1/2" on a weekly basis.  Regular mowing with sharp blades and quality mowers is the first step to quality turf.